Daddy Bear (Montana Daddies #1)

After years of being lied to and used, Ellie just wants a new life. On her own terms. There‚Äôs just one small problem. On her way to that new life, she crashes her car during a snow storm and is rescued by a huge hunk of a man. A man who goes by the nameContinue reading “Daddy Bear (Montana Daddies #1)”

The Gunfighter’s Pursuit (Ride Hard #2)

Emma Fairfax has a secret. She is not the prim and proper new schoolteacher this small Arizona town had been expecting from the East. Emma chased that poor woman away when she robbed her stagecoach and shot a man in cold blood. It wasn’t Emma’s fault. He would have shot her first. Now she wasContinue reading “The Gunfighter’s Pursuit (Ride Hard #2)”

Wild Cat by Christine Feehan

Wild Cat is the eighth book in the Leopard series by Christine Feehan. This series has really been improved with each book, and I loved Wild Cat and the previous couple of novels as well. The stories have become much more engrossing than the earliest ones, and I love the community feel when there areContinue reading “Wild Cat by Christine Feehan”