Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Mission impossible had a huge opening this summer and stayed at the top of the box office for two or three weeks. I’m not huge fan of the series or of Tom Cruise himself normally, but it was at my local theatre and I needed an easy/cheap night out so I went with one of my best friends to see it. I am so glad, I did it was amazing!

Benji is my fav character (the redhead)

Benji is my fav character (the redhead)

The thing that struck me the most about this movie is that it was hilarious. I was laughing the whole way through. I definitely did not expect that. It is the crazy, complete over-the-top Tom Cruise shenanigans that you expect from the Mission Impossible series, but there is enough story-line and humour to keep this non-Mission iImpossible loving girl roaring with laughter.


Seriously, I was worried I was going to pee my pants at one point.

I’m a little late because it took me forever to get this blog post written but if it still playing near you, you should definitely check it out. It is the perfect boy-girl movie, so it would be a great idea for a date night event


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Jurassic World – a review

I saw Jurassic World yesterday and it was so much better than any of my expectations!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should, even if you are not a big fan of the first three movies.

I’m 26 and I hadn’t seen any of the original Jurassic Park movies until this year, when I finally decided to watch them so I could be a part of the conversation. And because they were on television for free when I was bored. And because the new one looked good and I didn’t want to be lost.

OK, basically, this idea of dinosaur island has become a part of the pop-culture canon and the idea is just so original that even if I didn’t like the movies, I still respected what the author and filmmakers were trying to create.

I feel like Sea World staff are very jealous right now

I feel like Sea World staff are very jealous right now

I thought Jurassic Park 1-3 were ok, but only based on originality. Admittedly, I watched them for the first time in 2015 so in the early 1990s, well I’m sure that was freaking fantastic special effects, but I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Jurassic World though? Out-Freaking-Standing! It was amazing. The acting was great (go Chris Pratt and those two brothers) and I loved the storyline. I cannot wait for the fifth and hopefully it also features Chris Pratt.

The whole movie I had this little running self-commentary, things like “oh crap” and “they’re fucked” and “how have they still not evacuated this island”. I had this feeling of dread in my stomach, so much so that I couldn’t even finish my slice of theatre pizza. I ate it during the drive home instead. The only other movie I can remember feeling so much dread in, so unsure that things were not going to be ok, was in that train movie, Unstoppable, with Denzel Washington.

Not good. NOT GOOD. So very very seriously not good.

Not good. NOT GOOD. So very very seriously not good.

Seriously, even if you didn’t think this was your thing, I highly urge you to go watch Jurassic World. I might even drag some reluctant friends out to see it. It doesn’t even matter if you have seen any of the others, or if dinos are your thing.

* * * * * no question.