Daddy’s Little Darling (Montana Daddies #2)

She was desperate, homeless and alone… Charlie was used to fending for herself. She wasn’t necessarily that good at it, considering she was currently living in her car, but it was the only life she knew. She didn’t have family or friends and she certainly wasn’t used to anyone caring about what she did. ThenContinue reading “Daddy’s Little Darling (Montana Daddies #2)”

Daddy Bear (Montana Daddies #1)

After years of being lied to and used, Ellie just wants a new life. On her own terms. There’s just one small problem. On her way to that new life, she crashes her car during a snow storm and is rescued by a huge hunk of a man. A man who goes by the nameContinue reading “Daddy Bear (Montana Daddies #1)”