a very late review aka Guardians of the Galaxy

Guess who finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy II?! Yup, this girl. I’m sure there are a million and one reviews out there already breaking it down, but I want to talk about it so here is one more. Also, spoilers abound. Guardians II is FUNNY. Quite possibly even funnier than the first one whichContinue reading “a very late review aka Guardians of the Galaxy”

Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom

I may be the villain of the story, but at least I get a leading role. Evil is a term thrown around history and literature as if it’s something so easily definable. A concept to fight against. Evil doesn’t exist. Neither does ‘good.’ Vampires do, though. I just happen to be one. I’ve cruised throughContinue reading “Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom”

Dark Promises by Christine Feehan

I have been a fan of Christine Feehan for fourteen some years now, which most certainly makes her the author I have been reading for the longest period of time. But the past few years, I have gone off her megahit “Dark” series which I began with. They seemed (to me) to have become repetitiveContinue reading “Dark Promises by Christine Feehan”

Winter of the Wolf – Cherise Sinclair

Winter of the Wolf is the second book in the Wild Hunt Legacy series by Cherise Sinclair. Blurb: After years in foster care, Breanne Gallagher has the stable life she’s always wanted, living with her foster-sister, working as a chef, enjoying her comfortable routines. Then one devastating night, a hellish creature invades her apartment andContinue reading “Winter of the Wolf – Cherise Sinclair”

Hour of the Lion – a review

Does it ever feel like time just gets away from you? As previously announced, my favourite author Ms Cherise Sinclair is releasing a new book in her erotic-fantasy series, The Wild Hunt Legacy, on January 26th. I wanted to review the first two books prior to the release of the third so that I hadContinue reading “Hour of the Lion – a review”

Eventide of the Bear – January 26th

I am so excited about this book. It comes out January 26th and is the loooong awaited third instalment to the Wild Hunt series. The Wild Hunt series is paranormal. Were-creatures (lions, bears, wolves…) have their own communities in the mountains, ruled by the Consantir of the territory who is given his legitimacy by theContinue reading “Eventide of the Bear – January 26th”

Star Wars: the force awakens – a review

Warning: This post does contain spoilers from the movie. I have mixed feelings about this film. I loved, loved, loved the first half to three quarters. The Force Awakens is fast-paced but I could feel a connection to the characters. It has a very old-school feel; it is styled after the first trilogy which is prettyContinue reading “Star Wars: the force awakens – a review”

Favourite Author Series – Cherise Sinclair

This is the second in a series of three blogs discussing my favourite authors. They are written to help readers who may be looking for new books, and to thank my favourite authors for their efforts by publicizing their works. (By the way, the spacing is messed up in this post and the next coupleContinue reading “Favourite Author Series – Cherise Sinclair”