Reclaiming Emma (Cloudcroft Ranch #5)

With credit card debt piling up and her marriage seemingly in trouble, Emma Lanyon makes an impulsive decision and flies to Cloudcroft Ranch unannounced to visit her sister. Upon her arrival, however, she is scolded about running away from her problems, and once her husband joins her at the ranch he quickly leaves Emma inContinue reading “Reclaiming Emma (Cloudcroft Ranch #5)”

Saving Sophia (Cloudcroft Ranch #2)

After a tragic accident left her alone in the foster care system at a young age, Sophia Montgomery grew up relying on no one but herself, but at age twenty-three she finds herself facing homelessness after her plans for a summer job fall through. Seeing no alternative, she lets two of her friends convince herContinue reading “Saving Sophia (Cloudcroft Ranch #2)”

Master of the Dark Side (Mountain Masters and Dark Haven #2.5)

Master of the Dark Side is the fourth book in the Mountain Masters / Doms of Dark Haven series by Cherise Sinclair. It is a novella that was originally published in an anthology. Real Doms terrify her, so Summer plays with lightweights only. And only in the safety of her club, Dark Haven. But onContinue reading “Master of the Dark Side (Mountain Masters and Dark Haven #2.5)”

My Liege of Dark Haven (Mountain Masters and Dark Haven #3)

My Liege is the fifth book in the Dark Haven / Mountain Masters series by Cherise Sinclair. This is an erotic romance series that is set in a bdsm club. Threatened by university cutbacks, Professor Abigail Bern’s only hope is to publish a provocative research paper–soon. Planning to covertly observe behaviour in the notorious DarkContinue reading “My Liege of Dark Haven (Mountain Masters and Dark Haven #3)”