Regret Me Not (The Montebellos #1)

One sexy night with consequences… It was one single night of passion with a mysterious stranger, but when Elodie Gardiner realises she’s pregnant, she naturally intends to tell her billionaire lover – only before she can do so, she discovers a very pressing reason to keep their baby a secret! Three years later, ruthless tycoonContinue reading “Regret Me Not (The Montebellos #1)”

Wall Street Titan (Alpha Zone 1)

A billionaire who wants a perfect wife… At thirty-five, Marcus Carelli has it all: wealth, power, and the kind of looks that leave women breathless. A self-made billionaire, he heads one of the largest hedge funds on Wall Street and can take down major corporations with a single word. The only thing he’s missing? AContinue reading “Wall Street Titan (Alpha Zone 1)”

Shadow Warrior (Shadow #4)

Vittorio Ferraro is a man whose family loyalty knows no bounds. He would die for his siblings and the people they love, but what he really wants is to start a family of his own. Deep down, Vittorio has always known finding a woman who could ride shadows would be nearly impossible—let alone one whoContinue reading “Shadow Warrior (Shadow #4)”

Bitter Heat (Singed #1)

She was the wood. He was the flame. After this, they would be ash. A cruel twist of fate leaves Jasmine Hennessy stranded in a remote cabin with her worst nightmare—her ex-husband, James Roth, who she hasn’t seen in five years. He isn’t acting like the man she married, but did she ever really knowContinue reading “Bitter Heat (Singed #1)”

Shadow Keeper (Shadow Riders #3)

One family brings its own brand of justice to the streets of Chicago’s shadowy underworld as #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan returns to a series hot enough to burn… The paparazzi can’t get enough of infamous bad boy Giovanni Ferraro. But unknown to them–and the women he beds–he’s just playing a role.Continue reading “Shadow Keeper (Shadow Riders #3)”

Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom

I may be the villain of the story, but at least I get a leading role. Evil is a term thrown around history and literature as if it’s something so easily definable. A concept to fight against. Evil doesn’t exist. Neither does ‘good.’ Vampires do, though. I just happen to be one. I’ve cruised throughContinue reading “Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom”