A storm of swords (II)


(A word of warning, this post will contain spoilers from the book)

I wanted to talk a minute to take about my impressions of A storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin, now that it has had time to sink in a bit.

It was definitely my favourite so far.  The pacing was much quicker and more dramatic. From the Red Wedding, to the Purple Wedding, to the deaths of the Hound and Tywin Lannister, the shock factor just kept driving, again and again, boom boom boom.  I loved it.

The first novel was exciting as well, but I hadn’t yet seen the show and had trouble keeping track of all the characters and histories, on top of the rather complicated plot. The second book was easier and enjoyable, but by that time I had seen the show, and it stayed so true to the book, I got a bit bored.

This time around, things had changed. Maybe because it’s been nearly a year since I saw the third and fourth seasons, which are both based on the third novel,  but also because you can see where the book and the script are diverging in places, and its fun to learn the different interpretations.

Side-bar: Is Martin’s work really an interpretation?  It is HIS story after all. Hmmmm. Sorry, back to my regularly scheduled post.

I liked the bit that we had in Nymeria’s POV, finding the naked, milky, female body in the river.  I knew at once it had to be Catelyn but to find out in the epilogue that there was some magic about, made me think much harder back on that scene.  Did Nymeria somehow install some magic in the bloated corpse?

As the recording ending, I couldn’t help but gasp, “Holy Crap! Catelyn Stark is a zombie?!!”

Guess I’ll have to wait until next month to see if David and Dan write that in.


A Storm of Swords

I just finished A Storm of Swords!

If you don’t know, this is the third book in the mega series Game of Thrones, written by George R.R. Martin.

I listened to it via audiobook and it is 48 hours long.  Is it childish to feel like it is a huge boost to my ego to have finished the first three books in this series? Its nothing tens of thousands, perhaps millions, haven’t done already – that and more. After all, Martin has released 5 books in the series thus far.

And yet 48 hours is a huge commitment to one book and it is an accomplishment.  To be one among many does not diminish the time or effort I spent, just as mine does not diminish another’s.

Now that I am finished it, I am ready to spend some lazy evenings on the couch, re-watching the last four seasons while I wait for the fifth to begin in a month.  Can’t wait!

I give it * * * * *