2018 Reading Challenges

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Building on my post from yesterday, I wanted to take a moment to share the Book Riot and Popsugar Reading Challenges for 2018. You can click these links to access the editable/printable PDFs from their websites: Book Riot , PopSugar , and PopSugar Advanced.


Personally I love doing these challenges. I don’t take them too seriously and I have never completely finished one but I think it is a fun way to push yourself to keep reading throughout the year and expand your horizons by trying books in new genres.


I have noticed that my reading has expanded through these challenges and there are a few categories of books that I love to read now that I probably would have never tried otherwise.


I hope you will join in me in at least one of these challenges this year.

Happy reading everyone!



Reflecting on 2017’s Reading Challenges

This year I participated in the Book Riot and Pop Sugar Reading Challenges, as I did last year. I don’t take these challenges too seriously, but they are a fun way to track my reading and to push myself to read different books than I would normally gravitate to.

Here are my results from the last twelve months!


Read Harder Challenge (Book Riot)


Pop Sugar

Clearly, I didn’t finish every category but that’s ok. You are technically allowed to use the same book in multiple categories but I chose not to … it felt like that defeated the purpose of the lists, which was to get me reading outside my normal niches.

Looking forward to starting the next year’s challenges tomorrow 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!


The best sites to help you find the perfect next book

First off, No, this is not a sponsored post. I am a huge reader and I work in a library so I know a thing or two about searching for good books. The thing about recommending books professionally, is that you don’t know much about the person you are recommending to, and they might just be interested in a genre that you literally have NO INTEREST IN. To be certain, very few come up asking for the next great erotica.

But you still have to help them.

Enter the “professional tools” of R.A.

Goodreads is likely the most well-known of the websites I recommend. I use it to track my reading and my TBR list and it is an infinitely valuable tool, in my opinion. But the sheer number of users on goodreads means that I can find “shelves” or “lists” on almost anything from Bratva Romance/Erotica to Animal Xenofiction. If you are looking for things related to a narrow topic or a specific genre, Goodreads, or adding “goodreads” to your google search is a great place to start.

Whichbook is an awesome website for discovering new authors when you are in a serious book slump or recommending to a person who isn’t sure what they want to read. It asks very different questions from the typical ones I think of. Whichbook has different approaches, but the main function looks like this:

You can click on a few of the options and drag the arrow along a sliding scale. Some of the categories seem a bit random, but I think this is because they are designed to not pigeon-hole you into certain genres. Asking a customer these questions are more likely to help them find a book containing the emotional experience they are seeking, which I love! I also really appreciate that Whichbook has a “funny scale” because this is one category that I find very difficult to make recommendations for in books, especially fiction.

Whichbook also has different approaches to help you narrow down choices based on plot, character or setting. For character, you can refine search results by specific character traits for the hero/heroine.


Or you can choose a plot based on popular archetypes.


Finally, Whichbook also lets you choose books based on geographical setting, which can be narrowed down by country, and includes a category for imagined settings. One of my favourite aspects of this tool is that it does not usually recommend bestsellers, so your top search results shouldn’t all be authors you’ve read before. Whichbook is currently designing a companion site for children’s books, and I am looking forward to being able to use this for RA at work!

Literature Map is the best tool I know for finding author readalikes. You can search nearly any author and it will create a word web type result. The author you search is in the centre of the map results and the authors who write books most similarly to them will be closest to your search query.



In this example, I have highlighted my original search and circled the authors who I have already read and enjoyed. Now I have a bunch of new authors to read while I wait for the next few releases from my favourite authors!

I hope these tools help you all on your next great book hunt. Hopefully Autumn brings us all some fantastic books!


Book Sale!


I posted this already from my twitter, but one of my go-to authors, Anna Zaires, is having an e-book sale right now on two of her books from 2016. The combined version of Capture Me and Bind Me is on sale at most major online retailers (Amazon, ibooks, etc) for $0.99! This is an amazing price!

I am not being paid to promote this or anything, but I like to share when you can get a good price for one of my highly recommended reads, if I happen to notice the sale.

To get notifications of when I post or see a good sale, follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/ha_millar .


Sarah MacLean: Insight From A Romance Author on Being a Woman “Out” in This Industry

I just read this article from Sarah MacLean on slut-shaming romance authors and bullying. She discusses the bizarre biases other authors and average citizens have against authors of romance and erotica, as well as some of the more shocking comments she has received, online and from friends and family members.

I found this article to be insightful and interesting!

You can check out her article right here:



What are you reading?

I am reading 5 books right now. If we were talking about food, you would say my eyes are too big for my stomach. Not too sure what the literary equivalent would be, but the message is still communicated fairly effectively.

Blame it on my advanced reading level.

Or the fact that I am a stereotypical Gemini. Easily Bored multi-tasker. Interested in a variety of topics and stories.

It probably has something to do with my job as well. I work in a public library and every day I am there, talking books with co-workers and customers. I check books in. I check them out. RA. It is difficult not to come home with an armful after each shift!

So I read. A lot. And usually many at one time.

I have made it a personal goal … er, limit, to try to keep to one type of each book. Originally, I was going to limit myself to 1 book checked out from the library at a time. This rule developed because I had had certain books out for months that I hadn’t finished *ahem started* yet. But of course, it didn’t stick. So now the rule is one book per type.

So what am I reading these days?

 Well, on my ipad I am reading my personal copy of Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde. It is book three in my favourite MC romance series and I will post a review shortly. I was trying to re-read the whole series before her new book, Shade’s Lady, comes out tomorrow, but I am only half way there so I think the others will have to wait until the following new release for a re-read.


 I also started The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I checked this out through my library’s Cloud Library e-book program. I read it a loooong time ago when I was way too young to appreciate the story. Like, I was in elementary. And now that the miniseries is coming out, I wanted to read it again before I watch the show.


 I am also reading a library book called The Wealthy Renter by Alex Avery. It was just released in the fall of 2016 so I am hoping it will help shed some light on the current housing situation in Canada (bubble!) and hopefully make me feel better that I will probably never be able to afford to purchase my own home.


 Lately, I always seem to have a religious text on the go. Currently it is the Book of Mormon.


 Finally, the audiobook. I am listening to The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book is emotionally charged and incredibly well-written, but I have to listen at the right time and place, because I end up crying every two or three chapters. Not a great on-the-way-to-work book! Unless raccoon eyes are in vogue in your workplace.


 So what else do I have on the go? Well, I’m working on learning a few recipes from an Indian cookbook, but don’t really classify that as reading. Starting tomorrow, I will be working on the aforementioned Shade’s Lady (obviously). I also just picked up three books about buying a car and tips for women when negotiating with a car salesman. I have already picked out the vehicle I want and am saving up a bigger downpayment, because the monthly payments were a little high, but I want to make sure I get the best deal possible (duh). So of course I went to the trusty library for advice!

 What are you reading?