Broken Love Series by B.B. Reid

As promised, here is my review for the first and second books in the Broken Love Series by B.B. Reid. They are new adult novels that feature a strong, anti-hero male protagonist who really isn’t that nice of a guy, especially in the first book. Be warned that it is a “dark romance”, not as fullContinue reading “Broken Love Series by B.B. Reid”

Crow’s Row – a review

Crow’s Row, by Julie Hockley, is a coming of age story told from the perspective of its heroine, second year university student Emily Sheppard. The series takes its name from the first book, with the second called Scare Crow. Emily is living in the ghetto, near to where the older brother she idolized died several yearsContinue reading “Crow’s Row – a review”

Positively Mine – a review

From the cover: It is four weeks into her freshman year of college, and Laurel’s first test was unexpected. Discovering she’s pregnant isn’t exactly what she had planned for her first semester, and while she intends to tell her emotionally-distant father, being away at school makes it all too easy to hide. An imperfect heroineContinue reading “Positively Mine – a review”

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase – A review

This is my least favourite book type of book to review. One that is ok… but left me feeling less than passionate afterwards. I don’t want to hate on the book because it honestly wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t what I expected.  And maybe my expectations were the problem, the fact that I hadContinue reading “Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase – A review”