Democracy in Action: January 2021

Do you live in Ontario? Me too! Democracy is more than just voting once every few years. It requires active participation from you to remain representative. Don’t worry, it is easy to do. I have provided some current links for residents of Ontario down below, and they are much more interesting that some Buzzfeed quizContinue reading “Democracy in Action: January 2021”

Five Movie Announcements… that could get me through the quarantine

How are you doing? Are you still stuck inside, or is are you able to venture out? I’m on week five of working from home, and thank God I still have that job and ability. But it isn’t exciting or mentally stimulating in the least. Especially since we still have temperatures hovering around 0, andContinue reading “Five Movie Announcements… that could get me through the quarantine”

Sarah MacLean: Insight From A Romance Author on Being a Woman “Out” in This Industry

I just read this article from Sarah MacLean on slut-shaming romance authors and bullying. She discusses the bizarre biases other authors and average citizens have against authors of romance and erotica, as well as some of the more shocking comments she has received, online and from friends and family members. I found this article toContinue reading “Sarah MacLean: Insight From A Romance Author on Being a Woman “Out” in This Industry”

How kinky are you?

A couple of years ago I discovered this bdsm test online that seems on the up and up. It is found at and I think it started out as a research paper of some kind, seeking data. It certainly isn’t your garden variety buzzfeed test! Check it out here. So I just re-took the quiz. I don’tContinue reading “How kinky are you?”

Emotional, emotional, emotional

I’ve realized over the past few months that reading can be a very different experience for different people. I am an emotional reader; I think this helps to explain why I tend to read the same books over and over rather than constantly exploring new ones. I read a book (or pick and choose scenesContinue reading “Emotional, emotional, emotional”

Fifty Shades of … Disney?

So I came across this facebook group that called “Dark Disney” which I am now hugely a fan of and they posted the link to this slideshow of bdsm-y Disney characters. I, of course, think this is awesome. Disney, you know there are lots of adults who still love your stories, especially the characters weContinue reading “Fifty Shades of … Disney?”

Finnish baby boxes are coming to Canada

This article is a comment on a news article published on CTV News. You can see the original article here. Well, to Alberta at least. According to this article on CTV news, Alberta has a pilot program operating under research grants from Alberta Human Services. In Finland, moms of every background receive a baby box eachContinue reading “Finnish baby boxes are coming to Canada”

Little Pills and Fantasy Worlds

Well? Would you take one? Which? And for what world or characters are you pining? I would definitely take the red pill. For me, the characters would lose their magic if you brought them into ordinary life. Can you imagine Aragorn tending bar every night to put food on the table? Or Rumple being happy in aContinue reading “Little Pills and Fantasy Worlds”