Greening my beauty routine

One of my goals this year was to become a little more sustainable with my lifestyle. I’ve been breaking it down to one thing a month that I switch to a reuseable product or cut out completely.

A few months ago I stopped purchasing the disposable cotton rounds that work as makeup remover pads and bought a cute set of bamboo ones I can use hundreds, if not thousands of times.

This set is machine washable and dryer safe, although I prefer to line dry them so they dry flat… they to ball up in the dryer and need a quick two second iron each. These facial cleaning pads come with a bamboo container to store clean pads in on the counter, as well as a mesh bag to wash them in … because they are small … I mean, think how easily your socks get “eaten” in the laundry!

They are soft – not as soft as the disposable ones I used to buy – but still soft and have definitely continued to soften with use. There are many different brands but these ones were my favourite off Amazon and I like that they are white. It is so satisfying to see the makeup and dirt come off my face at the end of each day. They won’t stay white forever though so if you’re the type to be bothered by that, opt for a darker colour.

If you want to replace a disposable product with something more sustainable, inexpensive and useful, I give these five stars!


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