Reckless Road (Torpedo Ink #5)

While Gedeon “Player” Lazaroff is one of Torpedo Ink motorcycle club’s roughest members, he’s also one of the calmest. Little rattles Player, except for the times his gift gets the better of him. When that happens, he has to just lie down in the dark and hope for the best. But on a night when he’s on the verge of losing it, he meets a woman who manages to soothe his fractured mind.

Zyah is a striking, ethereal beauty who seduces him with every word and move. Their night together is one of pure, exquisite bliss. But when Player gets confused and thinks their intimate encounter was nothing more than a dream, his careless dismissal leaves her humiliated and angry.

Now, Player will have to devote his every breath to convincing Zyah to give him a second chance. Because she might be the only one who can save him from himself.

Reckless Road is the fifth instalment of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club novels written by Christine Feehan. It is set in the same area of northern California as her previous bestselling series, Sisters of the Heart and the Drake Sisters.

I am an avid reader of Ms Feehan and love these series in particular, but Reckless Road left me with mixed feelings. Roughly half of the book takes place while Player is bed-ridden with life-threatening brain injuries after getting shot in the head the night after he and Zyah meet. This is approximately three months of time in book world and it left me feeling like we missing out on a lot of opportunities to get to know these characters better, especially Player.

Otherwise I did enjoy this book but I was still left wanting at the end of it. There were also a few things incongruent with series canon which drives me nuts. Authors should know what they have written previously!

There were several scenes involving fan-favourite character Hannah Drake Harrington in Reckless Road which were hilarious and fun. I loved checking in with previous characters like this; it feels like catching up with an old friend.

* * * *


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