Love Without Borders by Angela Braniff

A wife and mom, Angela Braniff and her husband oversee a house full of laughter and love thanks to their eight children—all from varying backgrounds—who range in age from twelve to newborn. The Braniff household includes their two biological daughters, Kennedy, 12, and Shelby 10; Rosie, 7, who was adopted from China with special needs; Noah, 7, adopted from Congo; Jonah 5, adopted domestically, Ivy and Amelia, their two year old twins who were adopted as embryos, and implanted in Angela, who gave birth to them; and finally Benjamin who was also adopted domestically shortly after this book was written.

Angela’s love for life and her family radiates through everything she does. In Love Without Borders she opens her heart and her home to share her story, offering a relatable and honest view of motherhood and love. With both humor and honesty, Angela chronicles her journey to discover God’s purpose for her and how she welcomed it—even though it meant raising a large, non-traditional family that looked different than she ever imagined. She talks about diverse aspects of her kids’ lives, from the challenging adoption process, to secondary infertility, and homeschooling. And most important, she reflects on coming to terms with her own sense of identity and worth, on learning to accept there is no “perfect” way to be a woman, wife, and mother, and on embracing and sharing God’s message that love has no borders.

Funny, moving, and deeply spiritual, Love Without Borders will inspire other women to discover their own purpose—and to cherish those who God has put in their lives.

Love Without Borders is a spiritual, loving book written about womanhood, finding one’s true self, motherhood and adoption. As usual, I listened to the audiobook version which is read by the author.

I have followed Angie’s main Youtube channel “This Gathered Nest” for several years now, since around the time the twins were born, and it was so unique to see some of the behind of the scenes of her process writing this book, having it published and recording the narration in studio. Did you know that on the day she finished in the studio, she and the employees were trapped inside by torrential rain, severe thunderstorms and tornados? It is pretty cool to know tidbits like that.

Love Without Borders tells Angie’s story from childhood through to about 2019, including her delivery of twins girls who were adopted as embryos, otherwise known as snowflake adoption. For followers of their social media accounts, it does not include the story of their adoption of Benjamin, who came along after the book was written and going through the publishing process.

This is a short memoir and it only takes about five hours to listen to the narration. Adoption and foster care are two things close to my heart and I listen to a memoir about this process at least once a year. Angie’s recollection did not disappoint and if you don’t mind some religion in your book, I highly recommend you take a change on reading it. Without a doubt, this is the best book I have read by a social media influencer to date. It seems I am not alone in this opinion as it has an incredibly high rating on Goodreads.

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