A Montana Daddies Christmas (Montana Daddies #4.5)


It’s Christmas time at Sanctuary Ranch.
The Daddies are determined to make it a wonderful Christmas for their Littles. There’s a wedding, gifts and even a visit from Santa.
Come and join the fun!

—                          —                          —

A Montana Daddies Christmas is a short story that takes place on the Ranch, following all four couples to whom we have already been introduced. There are chapters from the perspectives of each of these couples, as well as a few hints at who might star in future additions!

Some of the traditions that are introduced are actually pretty good ideas that I think would be fun to introduce IRL, whether you are in a D/s relationship or not.

Very little material introduced in this short story is new. Mainly it is a chance to catch up with the characters during the holiday season, and experience Ellie and Bear’s wedding “real time” rather than off-page in another character’s book. As such, there is little focus on plot development and a lot of time devoted to sex in this book!

One departure from this trend is the following scene, that takes place between Ellie and Bear. I think it is such an important message to remember, especially during the Christmas season!

“Family isn’t always about blood.”

He reached down for her left hand and pulled it up to his mouth, kissing it gently. “No baby, it sure isn’t. Family is about the people you love and who love you.”

* * *


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