Warrior Daddy (Montana Daddies #6)


Things got off to a rocky start. . .

Accused of being a thief. Fired. Kicked out of her home. Gigi Raymond has the worst luck. Only this time her bad luck comes in the form of a tall, gorgeous, arrogant asshole. Alec McKenzie might be nice to look at but he definitely has a mean side.

He’s been called back into the past. . .

Macca has returned to Australia to say goodbye to his dying grandma. Grief and the past overrule his good judgment and he takes his bad mood out on someone who certainly doesn’t deserve it. Realizing his mistake, he seeks to rectify it. Only to find much more than he expected.
A Little in need of his protection, his care, and his rules.

If only this could be more than a temporary thing. . .

—                         —                         —

Warrior Daddy is set in Australia, so regular followers of this series won’t see any familiar characters, other than the hero Macca.

Unfortunately, this book was not up to par IMHO. A heroine who is a “little girl” or “baby girl” doesn’t have to be whiney, or too stupid to live, and Gigi definitely was. In a longer book the author could have developed her character further, but as it is, her childhood history of abuse is a lame explanation for her behaviour as an adult.

In the beginning, she is a complete pushover who doesn’t stand up for herself, to the point where she seemed like she would run in front of a truck if Macca looked at her wrong. Gigi remains very juvenile throughout the book, even when she isn’t in a “scene” or Little state.

I also felt that the author asked the reader to suspend disbelief way to much for a contemporary novel that is grounded in the real world. The expectation for the conclusion, when Macca and Gigi were officially a couple, was that she would just move to the USA with him, despite little things like immigration laws making that difficult, and the fact that she had no savings or education, difficult health history and had only known the guy a couple of weeks.

Warrior Daddy was not my favourite book in this series, and not one that. I think I would read again, but if you are just looking for a little DaddyDom smut, it might still work for you. And it is available via Kindle Unlimited so you can try it free if you are subscribed to this service.

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