Five Movie Announcements… that could get me through the quarantine

How are you doing? Are you still stuck inside, or is are you able to venture out? I’m on week five of working from home, and thank God I still have that job and ability. But it isn’t exciting or mentally stimulating in the least. Especially since we still have temperatures hovering around 0, and it isn’t particularly conducive to working outside on my computer, or gardening.

So…. I have been watching a lot of Netflix, and Prime, etc.

There are certain movies I am absolutely craving right now … and haven’t been filmed. Or in some cases, even confirmed. So here are five movie announcements that would lift my spirits and help me through this quarantine.

5. Inside Out #2

I liked Inside Out and found that even as an adult, it can help me to recognize and process my emotions. The ending of the firsts movie nicely set up the sequel, as Riley enters puberty. I mean, what could happen?!

4. The Grand Tour, Season 4

The first episode of season four is available to stream on Amazon Prime now, and episode two should be available soon, according to Jeremy Clarkson. The rest of the season hasn’t even been filmed yet though, due to coronavirus and their inability to travel and film at the moment. So I highly doubt it will be available before the end of 2020.

3. Fantastic Beasts #3

Okay, yes. This film has been announced and is in preproduction. But originally it was supposed to be released November 2020, and that has already been pushed out a year. With the lack of filming going on in the world at present, it is likely this film will be pushed out again.

2. National Treasure #3

What is it with me and threes in this list? Anyhow … a third National Treasure movie has been talked about over the last year. Word is Disney has two scripts but isn’t entirely happy with either and are making some modifications. There has been a long wait for a third film, and I hope it actually comes about. And that it is not about aliens and Area 51.

1. Percy Jackson #3

I really don’t know why these movies did so poorly, because I really enjoy them. Sure they are kids movies, and therefore a little simple with predictably happy endings, but they are good action-adventure films. I greatly enjoyed the first two and having recently read the book that The Lightning Thief is based on, I have to say I enjoyed the film more.

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