Daring Daddy (Montana Daddies #5)


She’s the spoiled princess living a life of reckless fun. . .

Or that’s what she wants people to believe. Because for years Eden has been hiding her pain from the people who love her the most. All of her true emotions and feelings are tucked away in a safe place where no-one can reach them.

Except for him. . .

Because when Zeke touches her heat fills her. Longing. Want. If there is one thing she wants in this life, it’s him. But she can’t have him. She can’t be what he needs. She’s not strong. Or whole. She definitely cannot be his Little.

And he would never be her Dom, her Daddy, her love.

—                         —                         —

Daring Daddy is the fifth book in the Montana Daddies novella collection by Laylah Roberts. It takes place immediately following the special Christmas short the author wrote for Bear and Ellie’s wedding.

Zeke is a Daddy dom, but he is also interested in BDSM so there are a few more elements on that lifestyle that emerge in this book, such as restraints and a violet wand. And of course the normal Daddy/lg fun of spanking and Little time.

Eden is severely repressed, emotionally. She experienced trauma as a pre-teen and continues to blame herself for her parent’s deaths, and feel a burden to her family. She has spent her entire adulthood repressing her Little side and is extremely reluctant to let her out, even when surrounded by other Littles and their daddies.

Eden is also partially paralyzed. She uses a wheelchair to get around. Daring Daddy is the first romance novel that I can remember reading where the heroine is in a wheel chair, a very interesting dynamic to the DD/lg action.

This short novel takes place with the couple almost completely in isolation with each other, so don’t expect to find familiar characters interacting with Zeke or Eden. The author does introduce a couple of new people who will feature in a new series she is writing in 2020, based in the same area, but not connected to the Montana Daddies books.

This is a quick, smutty read for anyone interested in daddy and Littles kink.

* * *


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