Daddy’s Sweet Girl (Montana Daddies #3)


On the surface Kent Jensen is an easygoing guy. But underneath lies a core of steel. He’s a Dom who is looking for a sub who will give him everything.
Total control.
What he is not looking for is a Little who is in a world of trouble…

Abby’s life is so out of control she doesn’t even know how to begin to fix it. She’s worn out, broke and trying to pay off her brother’s debts. She also has a huge crush on the most gorgeous man in the state. Not that he’d ever notice her. Shy, clumsy and plain, she knows she isn’t enough of a woman for Kent.
But when her brother’s troubles place her in danger, Kent steps in. He can’t help but want to protect her, guide her, dominate her. With Abby, everything is different. Suddenly, he wants the things he never thought he did. To be Sir in the bedroom and Daddy everywhere else.

But can he convince Abby that he wants her to be Daddy’s sweet girl forever?

—                         —                         —

Daddy’s Sweet Girl is a daddy dom/ lg romance story between former Navy Seal and current security specialist Kent and waitress Abby. Hailing from the same small Montana town, they have known of each other forever, but don’t exactly know each other. That quickly changes when Abby saves Kent’s sister from a couple of thugs.

This is the third book in the Montana Daddies series by author Laylah Roberts. Unlike the focus on romance though, there is an increased focus on the plot in this book, at least in comparison with the previous two. Abby has attracted trouble from several directions, leading Kent to ride in and save the day.

I did like Abby’s independence at first, and I feel like she was the most resistant to falling in love or letting out her “little”, but it got old after a while as well. She is entirely too stubborn for her own good!

A brief scene from Abby’s perspective:

It wasn’t fully light out, so she hoped he couldn’t see her wince as she moved, but somehow, she thought he did.She figured that being one of Kent’s ‘boys’ he didn’t miss much. Se’d seen a number of them over the years she’d been working in the diner, and they all had this dangerous, watchful thing going on. No doubt he was some sort of superhero with excellent night vision, amazing abs and enough testosterone to power a get engine.

* * *


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