2018 Reading Challenges

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Building on my post from yesterday, I wanted to take a moment to share the Book Riot and Popsugar Reading Challenges for 2018. You can click these links to access the editable/printable PDFs from their websites: Book Riot , PopSugar , and PopSugar Advanced.


Personally I love doing these challenges. I don’t take them too seriously and I have never completely finished one but I think it is a fun way to push yourself to keep reading throughout the year and expand your horizons by trying books in new genres.


I have noticed that my reading has expanded through these challenges and there are a few categories of books that I love to read now that I probably would have never tried otherwise.


I hope you will join in me in at least one of these challenges this year.

Happy reading everyone!


Published by Hannah

Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

3 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenges

  1. I’m doing the read harder challenge, but not the popsugar one. I did both last year and found it a bit of a struggle, especially with so many other books to read that didn’t fit into the categories! My reading has become much broader because of them too, and I love the feeling of ticking off a to do list. Good luck! 😊


    1. Thanks! Good luck to you too. My romance reading definitely doesn’t fit into too many of the categories but I still think I’ll work on it. There are so many reading challenges to choose from now!

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