Fifty Shades of … Disney?

So I came across this facebook group that called “Dark Disney” which I am now hugely a fan of and they posted the link to this slideshow of bdsm-y Disney characters. I, of course, think this is awesome.

Disney, you know there are lots of adults who still love your stories, especially the characters we grew up with. But the singalongs, feel-good messages and animation can be a bit much in your twenties, and thirties and forties …

Please please please start producing more works that are “adult” in nature … let’s open up that genre of “Dark Disney” beyond the fan websites and group pages. You have some perfect examples already set up. I mean hello?!! Beauty and the Beast? If that plot-line isn’t already set up from some seriously kinky re-writes, I’m a salmon.

Disney, you are already starting to open up more grownup avenues of entertainment with the acquisition of Marvel (with an R-rated Deadpool film!!!!!) and other works, including Into the Woods, which was not meant for young children.

Please start responding to and recognizing that at least half of your loyal audience are adults and provide something designed for us!


a devoted twenty-something fan


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Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

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