Dirty Billionaire – a review


I did not have high hopes for the Dirty Billionaire romance series. I stumbled across it online and decided to give it a try as I had nothing else to read, but it was a pleasant surprise.

An aspiring female country artist has a one night stand with some guy she met in a bar, a billionaire CEO roughly a decade her senior, then slips out before he awakens. He decides that he is going to marry her and launches a public appeal to try to find her. They meet up again a week later and decide to elope in a marriage of convenience, each for their own reasons.


Creighton immediately starts falling for his new bride, but remains so focused on his career and needs that he makes some pretty obvious and stupid mistakes. Likewise, Holly is utterly convinced that he could never have feelings for her, and is in this relationship for physical attraction only. She has been let down constantly in her life and is terrified of putting herself out there. In fact, although she is slowly falling for Creighton just as hard, she convinces herself otherwise.

It is interesting to watch them learn about each other and work out how to be in a committed relationship while juggling two very busy careers and the travel requirements of Holly’s tour. Add in sudden appearances from estranged family members and vicious exes, and the story gets even more entertaining.

While the author’s writing isn’t the best, the story is entertaining and that is all that really matters when reading. Her story reminds me of those in Fifty Shades, and particularly in the Crossfire series, although the sexual content is not so extreme. I am looking forward to the final book, which was released earlier this month.


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