The longest ride – a film review


The Longest Ride is the newest romantic-drama based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. It follows two generations through the trials and tribulations of falling in love and merging two lives. The main characters are Luke and Sophia.


Luke, played by Scott Eastwood, is a good ol’ country boy, with the morals and manners to match. And the stubborn, pig-headedness and toughness that goes along with “being country”. He is a professional bull rider, and let me tell you, it would torture me to date someone who did something so dangerous all the time. Sophia on the other hand is a New Jersey girl in the South for school, ready to head for a prestigious fine art internship in NYC.

I may have a little crush on Luke. So sexy!

The other couple followed in the story is Ruth and Ida Levinson, who fell in love in the 1940’s. Sophie and Luke rescue Ida after a car accident, and their stories become interwoven throughout the movie, flashing back and forth between the 40’s and modern day.

The Longest Ride

Although I loved both stories, I would have personally preferred to see more of Sophia and Luke’s. Luke is very country and he influences Sophia to become more that way herself. I am also a country girl so this story-line was more appealing, IMHO.

I love the way that Sparks writes his male characters. Although they are all different, and certainly far from perfect, they also depict many of the characteristics that I appreciate and look for in a man. Physical and mental toughness (not to say that they don’t need someone to lean on at times, everyone needs someone). Protectiveness towards women and children. Someone willing to plan a date or surprise his girl. Come on guys, “netflix and chill” requires zero imagination. There is nothing sexier than a man you can rely on.

This movie was sweet enough to distract me from the project I was working on while watching, and a great way to spend a quiet evening alone. During Luke’s big championship ride, I was biting my lip, praying that he would be ok because you really never know when Nicholas Sparks is the writer!

Spoiler below the picture, letting you know.


Thankfully, yes Luke is okay. This is another Sparks movie that has a happy ending, at least for the couple.

Definitely recommend! Probably just for the girls though.

* * * * *


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