Little Pills and Fantasy Worlds


Well? Would you take one? Which? And for what world or characters are you pining?

I would definitely take the red pill. For me, the characters would lose their magic if you brought them into ordinary life. Can you imagine Aragorn tending bar every night to put food on the table?

Or Rumple being happy in a land without magic?

No. I think not.

My answer as to which world I would cross into changes between a couple of different scenarios, depending on my mood. My immediate answer was the Submissive’s Wish series by Ann Mayburn. If I could have one of their sexy, rich, possessive men… But that world is cray-dangerous. Russian Bratvas are nothing to be trivialized.

The safer, but no less exciting answers would be to jump into either the Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair or one of the Sea Haven novels by Christine Feehan.

Mind you, I am assuming that you can jump into one of the characters of your choice as a part of this scenario. Who wants to jump into book-land just to end up being the murder victim?!

Still. I’d take the chance all the same. Red pill all the way.

(And I fervently wish this was a realistic question that had been put to me).


Published by Hannah

Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

4 thoughts on “Little Pills and Fantasy Worlds

  1. Hi Hannah. I’d take the red pill too – still thinking about which world to go into though. I thought I’d point you towards this series of books though as this shows that a fictional character being broought into exsistence is not necessarily going to be be boring! (I know it is fiction within fiction but it is a great read – I’ve read all 4 so far – Jackson Lear is a fantastic author – check him out – I think he’s actually got some of his books for free at the moment too).


  2. I think I would take the red pill because going to an another world and everything would be very awesome right now cause I really think that it would be awesome if I could do that and everything if I could take a red pill by the way.


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