Adult, Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books have become a huge best-selling subsection of the publishing industry in the last year. I first heard about them as a relaxation technique for anyone who felt stressed, anxious or angry. The act of colouring keeps your hands busy and focuses the mind into a pseudo-meditative state that focuses only on what you are doing at that moment, putting aside troubles and worries.

I picked up a few and find that while I enjoy the colouring, it doesn’t seem to help me, as others have testified. Nonetheless, it is a fun way to sit and do art, indulging in a bit of creativity so often lacking in adult lives. For anyone who isn’t so artistic, it is a great way to just generally relax and indulge without feeling juvenile. The designs are intricate and can involve a lot of time and concentration. These aren’t pictures designed to be coloured in twenty minutes.

I have mermaid, animal print and jungle themed books, pictured below, and it is so much fun to be able to sit and colour with my nieces, doing something that is appropriate for each of our age and talent levels. The little ones have traditional colouring books, while the teen and I have adult ones.

However, this week on amazon, I noticed an interesting new trend.

Adult adult colouring books. As in, things not appropriate for a child to see you colouring. The gamer style books filled with large-chested women in fantastical outfits or barbarian garb left me flabbergasted. So did the colouring books marketed directly at grown men.


It made me wonder though, in another couple of months will there be murder scene colouring books for sale?


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