Is there a Girlfriend type and a Wife type?

I heard this phrase a long time ago, that some women are girlfriends and others are wives.

The girlfriend is the hot party-girl, she’s always up for a wild time. She doesn’t want responsibility, at least not in the relationship sense. Maybe she’s a career woman, maybe she just doesn’t want to settle down.

The wife is more nurturing and “homey” (notice that word does NOT have an L in it). She’s more pretty, or beautiful, than hot. If you talk to a woman and can see that she would be a great home-maker, and mother, she’s the girl you want to marry. Because she’s gonna take care of her man and family in the long-run.

This phrase is super biased and totally not PC. But I can’t help but wonder if there is some truth to it. The song Mary was the marrying kind by Kip Moore was on the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

Let’s get personal.

I think I’m the marrying kind. I’m currently single. Unfortunately. But I am definitely a one-man, kids, 2-car garage and white picket fence type of gal. I cook, I bake, I clean. I actually like budgeting finances and folding laundry. And my husband isn’t likely to stray far from our bed ;)

I also totally like “boy” movies. Yes I like chick flicks, but if I only get to watch them during girl’s nights and while folding the laundry, that’s ok. Husband can pick anything but horror movies for us to watch…as long as the movie doesn’t have snakes. That is a deal-breaker. Fast and Furious, Marvel, Bourne, Bond, Mission Impossible, Heist Movies…. some of my favourites.

I am happiest when I am serving others. I possess a generous heart. One of my biggest dreams is to one day be rich enough that I don’t have to work, and can donate my time to others who are less fortunate. I want a husband and family to take care of, to make happy, to surprise with a favourite meal or treat. I expect flowers. Not every week. But once every month or two would be perfect. Little gestures to show that you were thinking of me.

So you see, I’m the marrying kind. Not the girlfriend kind. I don’t sleep around. I don’t drink. I hate being surrounded by people I don’t know. A few are fine, but parties aren’t my thing. I’d rather go to a bonfire. The type that has 20 people max. And family style gatherings with a million kids running around. I want mommy-friends and a strong man at my side.

So if I don’t feel like I’m the girlfriend type, but know that I would make a kickass wife who would always stand behind my guy … I guess that means that I do think there is a girlfriend type and a wife type. And I don’t quite know how to feel about that.


Published by Hannah

Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

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