Television Bundles

I both bless and curse the CRTC at the moment.

I’m proudly Canadian. And one of the things I love about Canada is that early this year the CRTC passed a law to end bundling of television channels. Not sure what this means?

Television providers like Bell, Rogers and Compton all offer television channels in a bundle. So to get the two channels you want, you have to purchase them in a bundle with 15 other channels that you are also paying for but never watch.

And because they offer multiple bundles, your favourite ones are inevitably offered in different bundles. Which means you have to choose just one or two, or buy all the bundles.

Which sucks. It’s highway robbery.

So here comes the CRTC who agree with Canadians and outlaws bundling. If you have a basic or “skinny” package, which can cost no more than $25.00 a month, you get to pick and choose individual channels that are not considered basic, to add to your skinny package. Like HGTV, HBO, Showcase, the food network, the women’s channel… and you just pay for that channel you picked. Because its not part of a bundle anymore!!!!


Except, oh wait. This passed in March 2015 and I thought that it took effect at the end of the year …. aka now-ish. Apparently it doesn’t take affect until the end of 2016!  Not cool CRTC. Not cool.

Guess that means another year of no tv por moi. Darn. I was so excited too.


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