It’s funny how books that you read tend to come in patterns.

For awhile there, I was giving five stars to every book I read and had started to worry if it would actually detract from the legitimacy of this blog. If I have any.

Then I remembered that I don’t care.

I only write for me, and while I love that at least a few other people are getting something out of these words, I only write for me, not to please any one else. So I kept posting those positive reviews.

Now, I’m in a slump. I haven’t been posting reviews to the books I’ve read because I was worried that my personal life was colouring the books I was reading.

Was I too stressed to sit and relax, enjoy a good book?

Maybe I’m just being too negative and hard on authors, I’ve had a lot of my mind lately.

Maybe I’m just not in the mood? Have I read too many books in this sub-genre lately? This is just a slump, right?

Well, it hasn’t passed and I don’t think it’s me… at least not entirely. I am going to try to break out of the genre rut I have been in lately. And I am sure that there are a million amazing authors out there, even in romance/erotica, that I haven’t even heard of, but lately, it seems like I’ve read them all and they’ve peaked.

So fair warning, there are new reviews coming and not a one is * * * * *.

I have been re-reading some old favourites lately to compensate for the disappointing crop of recent finds, and I will post reviews of those as I go, since I read them before I started this blog.

And hopefully this bad run ends soon!!! I started listening to A Feast for Crows last week at work (George Martin), which is not exactly what one would call “romance”, so I’ll break out of the rut by force, if need be.


Published by Hannah

Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

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