I know it’s been out for awhile, but I just went to see Minions today. I took my four year old niece and had a special little afternoon.

minion 2

I haven’t seen her much lately between my new job and her family’s vacation, so I was glad to make a couple hours free. From her reaction, I will definitely need to be doing it more often <3

Minions was ok…. the humour definitely saved it. I was laughing my way through but don't think that I would be too eager to sit down and watch it again. It is certainly more of a kids' movie, rather than one parents enjoy just as much.

minion 1

If you haven’t taken your little one to watch Minions yet, I would recommend it. My niece had already seen it when it first was released with her parents, but she sat enraptured the whole time, laughing and worrying as the scene called for, and said she still really enjoyed it. Any movie that can keep a four year old hopped up on sugar still and quiet for 90 minutes gets a passing grade from me.

This is just cute.
This is just cute.

* * * *

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