Dark Crime by Christine Feehan – a review

Edge of Darkness is an anthology that includes 3 novellas from different authors. This review is only looking at this first in the book, Dark Crime, which is written by Christine Feehan, one of my favourite authors.


Dark Crime by Christine Feehan
Blaze knows who killed her father and she has merciless plans for payback. Until a phone call from a seductive stranger pleads with her to wait. Retribution is in his blood, too. Now, he and Blaze will be united in the blood of the guilty. Tonight, vengeance is theirs.

—                   —                     —

Ugh. I hate anthologies. And so does Ms. Feehan, she says so all the time on social media and her website, so I don’t know why she agreed to write another one when she doesn’t like reading or writing them. She wrote a bunch when she was a new writer, usually at the start of a series, but hasn’t written one in some time,  five years at least.

Why don’t I like anthologies? Because they’re too short for a story to evolve naturally. The characters don’t have that depth they would in a full length novel. And because the book is so short I find it is much more predictable, especially in a series where books tend to have a natural order of unfolding.

In the Dark series, generally the heroine becomes aware of Carpathians and vampires, they have an initial flight or fight moment with their lifemate, and at some point the woman is converted to Carpathian. When you don’t have the wordcount to add in all that extra stuff that is relevant only to this couple, you have to go back to that bare bones series format and the book is super repetitive to others in the series.

So about Dark Crime.

It was just okay.

I found it easy to scan because it was so predictable; the story did not hold my attention and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to connect to the characters. The main characters also didn’t have enough time to connect with each other. Other than sex scenes, they were never alone.

In a series there is a place for predictability. You know what is going to happen because it is a romance novel … there will be a happy ending or at least happy for now. Because this book is #27 in the series and because it is an anthology I found it to be too predictable.

In a novella you almost need to shake things up, make the book a game changer. The characters were enjoyable but I felt cheated because we didn’t really get to meet them. There was lots of action by secondary characters, which normally I love – that is my favorite aspects of series,  but there isn’t room in an anthology or novella. The word count is too short. So in this case, it just took away from the couple.

I finished this book with the feeling of ‘thank goodness the next in the series is being released right after’. In one month to be exact. I don’t know why. Normally books in the series or at least a year apart and it doesn’t seem like it is a two-part book.

Overall, I didn’t really like Dark Crime. I felt cheated, and the main characters were as well. It was just a waste of a book. The story wasn’t enjoyable; everything was so compressed and I felt completely disconnected from the events. Hopefully the next, which is a full length novel, will be better.

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