Review: Captured Miracle books 2 & 3

I reviewed the first book in the Captured Miracle series by Alannah Carbonneau a few days ago. Click here if you haven’t read it already.

I’m reviewing the second book, Bleeding Heart, and the third book, Divided Souls together in this post.

I’m not sure of the word count – I read the ebooks – but they definitely felt short. And young. I read all three books in the same day and by no stretch of the imagination did I spend the whole day reading on the couch.

I don’t think they were novella sized, but definitely not the length of romance novel I am used to either. As in the first post, this is a “dark romance” series that is really more of a light grey. I felt like they were YA novels, not grown up enough for me.

Here are the covers:

woman wearing black corset and pearls against retro background

With no hope of running from Calix, Nova does the only thing she can do. She accepts him. She accepts his darkness and cherishes his edges. After their wedding only two weeks into her capture, Nova is taken across the world to honeymoon with Calix in lavish romance that tricks her mind and heart into falling deeper than the blue abyss of the ocean, in love, with a monster.

But it’s not all bliss and romance, because Calix really is a monster, and he’s more than determined to keep Nova as his own – forever. Even the revenge that powered his every action has withered in comparison to the need Calix feels to possess Nova to completion. However, there are some actions that even true love cannot forgive.

In the quest to bind her irrevocably to him, will Calix overstep his boundaries and push Nova away from him forever?

divided souls

Nova has been home for nearly two months, dying inside, as her soul struggles to continue living life without Calix – her husband, her lover, her captor. With the help of her sister, Nova finds a way to escape the rescuing clutches of her father to return to Calix.

Through all the damage done, and all the horrors stripped to stand exposed, can the wrongs enacted become right? Can the monster lurking beneath Calix’s very handsome skin remain dormant – or will that monster ruin all the beauty thriving – in a moment of fear.

When life hangs in the balance and our true nature is tested, will instinct prevail over compassion? And can forgiveness exist for a future when the past is tainted with bloodshed?

—                      —                         —

Unfortunately, I didn’t love these books. The premise to the story is good, but the writing reminded me more of an amateur who writes stories on one of the many sites that litter the web. Not something worth purchasing.

To begin with, none of the characters had any depth. They fell flat, their confrontations juvenile and nothing was a surprise. I could see where the author was going from stage one and nothing surprised me. All of the books were predictable.


Spoiler alert


Calix gets Nova pregnant by arranging for Doctor Lady to give her a fake Depo shot? Called it. She gets “rescued” early in her pregnancy and they are separated for weeks before she runs back to Calix? Saw that coming. Etcetera, etcetera.

Unfortunately all these things add up to only getting a two and a half stars from me. I had high hopes for the series when I first read the book blurb but better luck next time I guess.

* * *


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