Comic Con Deadpool Panel

So San Diego Comic Con 2015 took place over this weekend which sent my average weekend viewing time sky high on youtube.

I watched the Deadpool panel almost out of idle curiosity, because the movie wasn’t really on my periphery. I like comic book movies but not comic books, and the X-Men movies, my only introduction to Deadpool, left me hot and cold. It has been so, so long since Deadpool emerged in X-Men Wolverine: Origins, I had kinda forgot about him!

What I learned in the panel that got me excited enough to write about, is that this movie is going to be rated R!!!! This is the first real comic book movie that will be R rated and that is awesome.

It is a huge pet peeve for me that production companies take an adult scenario and drop down the content to PG-13 or 14A. It happens in books too.

The hunger games.

Wow, an arena where kids are forced to fight each other to the death, and you have 18yo men taking out a 13yo girl… that is not a PG scenario. And yes, I know that it is based on a young adult book, but that concept is very, very adult and I wish it had of been depicted as such in the movies.

I was going to R-rated movies at 16 and I am the goodiest goody-twoshoes going. There are a whole lot more individuals in the 16+ or even 18+ age group than 12-16 year olds but it seems like they are the target audience for Hollywood.

Even Fifty Shades of Grey, although technically R-rated, felt PG-13, especially in comparison to the book. I was expecting something much heavier and more erotic than what I saw on screen. But at least they made it, and hopefully learned from fans’ criticisms.

I hope the fact that movies like Fifty Shades (weak though it was) and Deadpool are being made will help break through that ceiling and pave the way for more films with adult content to be released with adult content.


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