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One of my New Years Resolutions goals this year was to bring my Goodreads TBR list down to below 90 items. At the time, my list was hovering somewhere between 100 and 110 items which stressed me out! I put those books on my list for a reason, and I don’t want to leave them there forever, I want to read them.

I seem to be reading an average of about 45 books per year. I knew that over the course of 2015 I would A) find more books to read or add to the list as the year went on and B) knew I had multiple books coming out from “automatic buy authors” aka my fave authors from whom I buy every work that would be released and read this year but did not yet have goodreads pages and therefore those books weren’t on my official TBR list so my count of want to read books was actually higher than reflected online. Reducing the list to below 90 seemed like a reasonable task for 2015 without making reading a chore. I was aiming to get that list down to below 25 books eventually, and only have books that were not yet released on there.

My plan is not working.

My to-read list is currently 112 items, which I think is 4 more than when I made that resolution (my memory could be slightly faulty). So even though I have been reading books like crazy this year, apparently I’m still adding at a faster rate.

Ahhh! *tearing hair out*

Anyone have suggestions? My thought is to put tape over my eyes so I can’t see more new books that I want to read. Possibly an impractical idea though.

I have just moved five books that have been languishing on my want-to-read list for over a year onto my audible account, so at least I know that I will be making my way through those soon. Watch this blog for reviews of: Still Alice (Genova), Dark Places (Flynn), The Light Between Oceans (Stedman), A Feast for Crows (Martin), and A Dance with Dragons (Martin) in the coming months.

15 or so books that are currently on my TBR list are not yet released, so I can forgive myself those. But that still puts me 97 books behind. It’s like my eyes are too big for my … stomach? brain? Okay, not the best analogy but it is the one that keeps coming to mind. Anyone else have a better one?
The struggle is real people!

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