Book boyfriend

What do you look for in a book boyfriend?

A friend and I were discussing it over the weekend while out for a walk… mostly because some tattooed guys on harleys rode past us and we both happen to be attracted to this type of look, so whatever we had been discussing sort of got forgotten.

I’m partial to piercing blue eyes and brunette hair. In guys, I swoon, in babies, my heart melts. It is just the perfect combination. Tall, dark and dangerous would be my type I guess. Tattooed as well.

I definitely like people who are strong mentally and physically and who put their family first. If your wife and kids are not going to be your first priority every day of your life, don’t bother applying for the position. Be confident, but not cocky, witty, self-possessed and completely in control of your destiny. THAT is what attracted me to Christian Grey, not all the other bull women kept talking about.

Not to offend any readers here, diversity makes the world go ’round, but I tend to stick the the old gender biases of big strong man lead woman, go hunt and fight other caveman to protect little woman. I definitely believe that men and women are equal but I want a man who is macho and dominant and so politically incorrect. There’s nothing wrong with getting the door for your significant other and then slapping her ass when she walks through.

Intellect is hot, ya’ll. Any man who can speak 2 languages would get a second glance from me, but if you speak 3+, you are definitely going up an equal number of points on the hotness scale. An accent is always good. Canadian is fine, but Russian, Scottish, Auzzie or Kiwi can make a girl’s panties drop.

Oh, did I mention kinky? You definitely have to be kinky. And passionate. Sexy, dominant, honest and strong enough to demand the truth from me while remaining compassionate and aware that emotional honesty is often the last reaction I have. I’ve been burned in the past. Badly. And while I’m usually pretty honest about everything else, emotionally, I’m just about the most dishonest person I know, so book boyfriend? You’d have to work with me on that one and stay patient while we did, because it would be a process.

That’s my order. If you happen to have one of these lying around, let me know. I always need more book boyfriends.

Published by Hannah

Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

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