Allegiant: Parts I & II?

I could be way behind the curveball here, but I just heard that they are splitting Allegiant into two movies. So maddening. It is a huge turn-off for me when production companies do this, because it is purely for profit and always produces a sub-par product.

Of course, the only movie franchise that I think could have gotten away with splitting one book in to more than one movie was the one franchise that didn’t try. Until they did. But it was way past late by then.

I’m talking about the Lord of the Rings of course. Now, for those of you who have not read those giants books on which the long-ass movies are based, you have no idea that Peter Jackson took out so much quality literature, like Tom Bombadil and an entire freaking war. My goodness, that made me so mad, it actually ruined the third movie for me and I don’t think I have ever re-watched the series since. Tolkien published three huge tomes of work, plus appendices and others, and each book is incredibly dense. You could have easily produced five wonderful 2.5 hour films without breaking into the territory of the Hobbit. But instead they cut and cut and then produced such long movies that I’m not willing to sit down and watch them because it represents too much of a commitment in one evening.

Wait, what movie am I ranting about? Allegiant? Sorry, got side-tracked for a minute there.

My point is, that some studio person in Hollywood got the idea that turning the last book into two movies in every series is a fantastic idea because supposedly fans want it to postpone the ending at any cost and this way they can make double the money before letting an idea go and creating something new. All the series are doing it now: Divergent, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Harry Potter…

But is that really the message you want to send, or the final impression you want an audience member to have of your series? That you, the creators, wanted to make a quick and easy buck by drawing something out, decreasing its impact by doing so?

I would hope not. I wouldn’t; I’d rather create something of quality. And I wish that there were more Hollywood stars who felt the same way and were willing to stick up and fight for their franchise fans, even at the risk of their role. Are they really willing to recast Katniss Everdeen for a fourth and final Hunger Games movie? I doubt it. I bet Jennifer Lawrence could have stopped it. So do these so-called artists really not care either? Or are they too afraid to stand up to their studios?

At the end of the day, a 225 page book that is meant for teens, or worse yet, those meant for pre-teens, were not meant to be turned into four and a half hours of feature film. They feel empty, and spaced out like there was not enough quality content to fill the time, because let’s face it, there wasn’t. Or you have someone like Peter Jackson add a whole lot of plot that wasn’t in the book and it doesn’t sit well with fans.

Here’s to hoping this is a fad that passes quickly.


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