Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

I gave my parents tickets to a tall ship cruise on Lake Ontario for an afternoon. They both like going into the city for a day or a weekend, and I had a great time doing this last year. Hopefully they enjoy it. After I gave them the tickets, my Dad pulled me aside to say that he had wanted to go on one of the tall ships for awhile, and even more so since I talked it up last summer so that made me feel good.

I was able to get both tickets for a really good price on groupon, which is how I did it last year too, and the trip was great. Hopefully they have better weather than I did but at least they are well warned to bring an assortment of clothing. When I went it was over 30 degrees but overcast and thank goodness we all brought raincoats because when out on the lake it was pouring buckets and thundering and lightning and I swear about 10 degrees.

I love water, especially moving water. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shower, jets, river, lake, ocean, rainfall. And only second best is wind. So being out on the water in a ship like that is heaven for me.

I hope you had a great Mothers’ Day weekend too, my dears.


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