Goodreads Challenge

Hey, I’m ahead on my goodreads challenge! Yay me!

If you don’t know what goodreads is, jump to the end of this post where I explain it.

For ya’ll others, I’m sure you know the personal reading challenge that goodreads encourages its members to pledge to each January.  I really like it because it helps me to keep track of my reading and gives me a bit of a push.  I get stuck in ruts easily because I like sticking to what I know. When it comes to entertainment, I prefer to re-read my favourites to death rather than taking a chance on someone new. But re-reads don’t count so this is a great way to realize how many new books I have actually read compared to my perception of the actual amount.

I have this strange tendency to not read many new authors in the winter and spring.  The last two years I participated, and both years I ended up being something like 10 books behind pace by June/July, so I had to really hustle during the summer and fall months to complete the challenge by December. It could be because I tend to read thicker, longer books in the winter, epic tomes like Game of Thrones and non-fiction, and thus compensate by re-reading favourite romances to balance out the reading, which means I don’t make much headway into the challenge.  Who knows? I’m not exactly contracting out a study on my reading habits here.

But this year, I am three books ahead of pace, and having been for about the last month! I must have really read this winter!  So far I have read 18/50 books on the challenge.

If you are participating, maybe this is a good reason to check in and see how you are doing, or to set a goal for the remainder of the year if you haven’t done so before. Good luck everyone!

* This is not a sponsored post.


P.S. Confused? is a website that has pretty much every book ever published listed on it, and if it is missing the one you are looking for, well you can add it yourself! When you make an account, you start adding books to one of three virtual shelves, “currently reading”, “read”, or “want to read”. You can rate books and/or leave a review. It is great for keeping track of series or authors, or books not yet published that you want to read.  They also have this neat function called lists, where regular users will tag books to a list based on sub-genres, plot lines, etc which helps you to find a new book that you are interested in. Check it out

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