A third sisterhood of the travelling pants movie?!

Holy Moly, am I excited. America Fererra has confirmed that they are working on a third film in the sisterhood of the travelling pants series!

I have always loved these movies. They are about friendship, and love, and growing up and finding your way in the world. I grew up with those four girls, aging more or less as they did.  But after condensing four novels into two movies, they ended. And I kept growing.

I’m hoping that this announcement will eventually lead to two new movies. The first, as new graduates looking for their first “real” jobs and getting married, and the second, embracing motherhood. Hopefully then, not following the plot of the last book too closely.

Hollywood generally fills the minds of young girls with epic love sagas, or petty drama. The sisterhood chronicles the love between friends and the realistic trials of holding onto those friendships when distance and life try to pull you apart. As a twenty-something woman myself, and an Aunt to three nieces, I love the messages that they convey.

I can relate to each of the characters in some way and learn from their experiences. Lena’s reluctance to open her heart and her fear of doing so a second time after it has been broken so badly. Carmen’s frustration at feeling as if her friends are moving on to better things and forgetting all about her – my best friend lives on another continent and has for a few years.  I see her doing wonderful things and making a family of her own, and although I am ecstatic for her, I regret that she is so far away and her new life so removed from our friendship.  Like Bridget, I know how difficult it is to grow up with a parent who suffered from a mental illness and her struggles to overcome this legacy. And like Tibby, I shut myself off from the world when going through hard things, one of the reasons I started this blog.

The love between friends might be the strongest bond in this world, second only to that between a parent and child. It’s importance in our lives is incredibly understated. The sisterhood of the travelling pants celebrates these bonds, and the inclusiveness found in a circle of close friends that truly support one another, rather than pick favourites. It doesn’t perpetuate that Mean Girls style antagonist relationship of this group against that. It just celebrates something we all wish we had more of.

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