Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase – A review


This is my least favourite book type of book to review.

One that is ok… but left me feeling less than passionate afterwards. I don’t want to hate on the book because it honestly wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t what I expected.  And maybe my expectations were the problem, the fact that I had the story planned out in my head, instead of letting it unfold as directed by the author.

Suddenly Royal is essential the new adult version of the Princess Diaries series. Instead of an American teenager finding out she is the Crown Princess of Genovia, the protagonist is a mid-twenties Minnesotan grad student (Samantha) who finds out she is the long lost Duchess in a small European country, and immediately falls for the Crown Prince (Alex) of said country.

I did like the book, and I loved the fact that it was a more grown up version of the Princess Diaries, because those movies rock but I was just a little too old when they came out.  I mean, Samantha actually gets laid!

But in the end, most of the story was entirely predictable, the characters too nice and Samantha’s path too easy.  She has suffered a lot of loss in her young life, but there is no strife in the book.  She adapts to her new life without debacle and seems to leave the old one behind even easier.

(potential spoiler ahead)

Chase essentially ended the otherwise light, happy book with the main character’s father dying from cancer very suddenly.  I am an emotional reader and did not appreciate spending the last few pages bawling my eyes out, in a book that was in no way marketed as being sad.  Gayle Forman or John Green, ok I expect that, but not in a princessy pink-covered book.

I would have liked to see the characters develop more, in fewer pages. At the end of the day, I felt the author could have taken out a good 100 pages.

* * * (and a half, maybe)


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