I picked up this cheap kindle romance today (a novella), something by an author I had never read.  It featured an outlaw biker as the male protagonist and the female protagonist was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  I won’t be more specific than that, I am not going to name authors or titles/series when giving less than two stars, but that was the gist of it.

It was awful! A complete train-wreck.  One star and I’m possibly being generous.  The story was so poorly written, I couldn’t start to explain all my problems with the book on here.  I actually went and found another novella in the series as well, because I couldn’t help myself.  I had to see if it was just as bad as the one I had read… because it couldn’t possibly be, could it?

No. Yes?  I don’t really know but it sure was close.  The second one I read was just as poorly written, but the general plot-line was more appealing to me, so that redeemed the writing a tad.  Seriously though, I don’t know how some of these books get published.  It’s series like these that give the romance genre a bad name.

Do you ever do that, dear reader?  Read absolute trash and then go pick up another book by the same author, just to see if anything else could be quite that awful?  I’m guessing you do.  Something has to explain all those reality television shows that keep getting renewed after all ;)

I’m still waiting for Suddenly Royal to arrive from the library, so I think I will go back to an old childhood favourite next, try to knock the filth out of my head from earlier today.

Eric Walters, here I come.


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Former library clerk, current full-time teacher and employee. I love books and make no promises as to a posting schedule.

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