Audiobook evolution: bypassing print formats

So I’m reading this NPR article about a new trend in self-publishing, where authors self-publish their story directly into audiobook, bypassing both traditional and indie styles of print.

My first thought was, “so you mean plays?”. My second, “huh. I guess that’s what that meme I saw yesterday was about”.

Here is an excerpt from the NPR article (link at end of post):

‘Now Audible… is starting to ask well-known writers to create original audio works. “While performances are being elevated and attuned to this advanced listening experience, why not write to the form in an original way?” says Katz. “So it’s not just book authors. TV writers, movie writers, others are flocking in to help us get to the next stage”.’

– Lynn Neary

I think it’s an intriguing idea. The audiobook market is exploding now, and I myself am a recent convert.  Companies like Audible have made this medium so easy to access, I can listen via my phone, computer, iPod … there’s no need to be connected to the internet or data… it’s priceless.  The only drawback is that many books don’t translate well because of the writing style, but in this next stage, we are going to see audiobooks evolve, much as self-publishing and niche publishers have in the last decade.

Up until two months ago, I never understood the audiobook, thinking I was too poor an auditory learner to pay attention, but after stagnating for months awhile on A Storm of Swords, I gave listening to it a try and I’m loving it! The freedom to accomplish tasks or transport myself while getting some chapters in is liberating and I’m now pestering encouraging family to try it.  You should too.

Link to original NPR article, written by Lynn Neary, from which I borrowed the quote:

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